Gunman goes on shooting rampage in Northern California

Image capture of video by CBS
  • A man went on a shooting rampage in a Northern California town
  • The gunman k****d 4 people and wounded at least 10 others
  • The police k****d the gunman after a fierce exchange of gunfire

A man in a Northern California town went on a shooting rampage; killing four persons and wounding at least 10 others before law enforcement officers fatally shot him.

As per a CBS SF Bay Area story, the Tehama County District Attorney identified the gunman as 43-year-old Kevin Janson Neal.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said Neal started his rampage around 7:50 a.m. on Tuesday, November 14, at a community in Rancho Tehama Reserve located about 15 miles southwest of Red Bluff and about 110 miles northwest of Sacramento.

Johnston said the suspect k****d two neighbors, a man and a woman, he had an ongoing feud with. He said the dispute with his neighbors may have triggered Neal’s rampage.

“I think the motive of getting even with his neighbors and when it went that far — he just went on a rampage,” Johnston said.

The gunman stole a vehicle and started shooting people at random. He also tried to enter Rancho Tehama Elementary School, but failed as the exterior doors were locked. He fired at the school building several times, resulting to the wounding of several people including a child.

Neal’s deadly rampage was stopped after police rammed his car and an exchange of gunfire ensued.

“The suspect was actually shooting at the police vehicle, back at them, the officer rammed the vehicle, forced it off the road, an exchange of gunfire — resulting in the shooter’s d***h,” Johnston said.