Heartbroken girl in tears when none of her You Tube followers showed up for her “fans meeting”

Image Capture of Video by Latest News Headlines via Youtube channel

A Russian girl is visibly upset and heartbroken when none of her 3,000 You Tube followers didn’t show up at the “fans meeting” she organized.

Her tearful video shows her pleading to her “lying” fans not to do this to her again because it really hurt her. The video has gone viral with a total of 3.5 million views to date.

Alina is 10 years old and is an aspiring vlogger. In her own Youtube channel, she posts things she enjoys doing like making slime and sharing her toys.

She decided to organize a “fans meeting” for her 3,000 followers and more than 20 confirmed to go and meet her. Alina was excited and prepared a “fun day” to meet her “new friends.”

She bought a lot of candies to share. She even made riddles and brought prizes. But much to her disappointment, no one came.

Alina spoke in Russian but was translated and quoted by Unilad UK as saying: “I thought we’d have fun, take pictures together and I would finally see my friends and subscribers – but you treated me like this.”

The little girl was really hurt and was in tears. She said she waited for 30 minutes and even checked all over the park but was left disappointed.

Comments from netizens were quick to comfort the poor little girl. Some big Russian vlog owners promised to help her organize another ‘fans meeting’ and will make sure many will attend.

Some also motivated the little girl to continue vlogging and not let disappointment tear her down. From 3,000 followers, Alina has quickly earned 295,000 followers on her Youtube channel.

You can watch the original video from her Youtube channel but it’s in Russian. Here is a translated version of the video from Latest News Headline’s Youtube channel.