Hilarious to heartfelt reactions after Rachel Peters failed to reach top 5 at Miss Universe

Images by KDN Files

Filipinos are known to be naturally funny people. We love to laugh and live to make others laugh. And in rare times when everyone is united and shares in a heartbreak, we still tend to see the bright side of everything. When our very own Rachel Peters failed to advance to top 5 in the Miss Universe 2017, Filipinos took to social media to vent out their reaction. Thus, here are a few reactions from the hilarious to the heartfelt tweets.

  1. Vice Ganda took the time to live-tweet his reactions during the competition. He was hilarious as always and shared that he has the real crown.

2. Alex Gonzaga  shared an experience during a competition when she also didn’t make it to top 5 and they were only 4 candidates.

3. DJ Chacha also chided the gays who got frustrated with the results.

4. Ethel Booba also plans to file an electoral protest.

5. Gretchen Ho shared that she had such high hopes.

6. Beauty Queen Ruffa Gutierrez congratulated Rachel and was asking for her followers’ favorites.

7. Saab Magalona was looking forward to the Q&A knowing that Rachel will ace that part.

8. Jed Madela thanked Rachel for uniting the Filipinos.

10. Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco who earlier stated that her friend Rachel can win the crown shared a heartfelt message.

11. A netizen congratulated “Susan Africa” instead.

12. Another netizen wanted an explanation.

13. Another Twitter user wants Wildflower Lily Cruz to prepare for next year.

Rachel might have missed the crown but she certainly won our hearts.
You still make us proud, Rachel!