HK Disneyland to cancel nightly fireworks display; pyro staff to lose jobs

Image by Tom Bricker via Disney Tourist Blog

Hong Kong Disneyland’s plan to temporarily suspend the theme park’s nightly fireworks display will cause people in the pyrotechnics department to lose their jobs by January 2, 2018, local media reported as per Asia One.

The job cuts, laying off “fewer than 10” from its fireworks staff, is due to the park’s plan for a HK$10.9 billion (S$1.9 billion) expansion, and some operational changes.

“This has been a difficult decision for us. Every effort has been made to redeploy the affected cast members,” a Hong Kong Disneyland spokeswoman said.

It is not clear though as to how many staff in total were in charge of fireworks operations.

“We are communicating closely with [the affected staff] and will provide them with severance packages that are better than the requirements of the Employment Ordinance and their terms of employment,” the spokeswoman added.

Another source at the park said, as disclosed in a story by South China Morning Post, that it was “just a manpower adjustment made from time to time because of normal business operations ”.

The expansion project which is expected to take six years, will feature themed zones based on the blockbuster, Frozen, and Marvel superhero films, and a transformation of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, where fireworks are held.

For the second year in a row in 2016, the theme park has reported losses totalling to HK$171 million. However, after months of opposition in the council to fund its expansion, a budget of HK$5.4 billion in taxpayers’ money in May has been approved by the finance committee of the legislative council, and the rest to be financed directly by Disneyland.