Hong Kong hailed as 2017’s best city for public transportation in the world

Image via Pixabay

Hong Kong is 2017’s best city in public transportation in the world, according to a new sustainability index that ranks the best cities for urban mobility.

In the 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index, published by Arcadis, a design, engineering and consultancy group, analysts observed the overall performance of transportation systems in 100 cities around the world.

The results were determined by 23 indicators, grouped into three sub-categories which are people (safety, access, ridership, and upkeep), planet (environmental record, congestion, delays, biking infrastructure, and air pollution) and profit (public finance, affordability, economic health).

Hong Kong’s innovative, well-connected, modern, efficient metro network and high ridership rates made the city soaring all the way to the top spot on the list.

Fellow Asian cities such as Seoul and Singapore made it to the 4th and 8th spots respectively.

The results of the index show Europe in general though has the best public transits in the world, as European cities take up seven spots of the top 10 list.

Zurich and Paris came after Hong Kong on the list. Europe’s performance is credited by researchers to an already established and well-used metro network (like London’s underground), strong biking infrastructures in cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, and high shares of commuters who use public transport.

Cities in Europe are also considered to be more environmentally conscious, with the use of greener modes of transportation, according to reports as disclosed in Inquirer.

While you might be wondering, North America doesn’t make an appearance on the list until the 23rd spot. Well, it has been all credited to New York City.

Generally, researchers noticed that while some metropolitan cities enjoy well-funded and comprehensive transport systems, many other cities across Canada and the United States run on underdeveloped public transport systems, and rely extremely on private cars.

Australian cities also take middle spots of the overall index. This is unfortunately due to weak public transportation infrastructures.

Meanwhile, Middle Eastern and African cities such as Jeddah, Amman, Riyadh and Kuwait City ended up at the bottom of the index as public transits in these cities are considered poor and roads congested and polluted.

Check out the top 10 cities on the list of Sustainable Cities Mobility Index 2017:

1. Hong Kong

2. Zurich

3. Paris

4. Seoul

5. Prague

6. Vienna

7. London

8. Stockholm

9. Singapore

10. Frankfurt