Just doing her job: Aspiring doctor who saved MRT-3 victim declines renaming of bill after her

Image from Charleanne Jandic's Facebook account
  • Medical intern who saved MRT passenger declined to have bill named after her
  • She said it is too much, explained she was just doing her job
  • She welcomed bill’s passage though, said it would improve PH’s emergency medical services system

MANILA, Philippines – The young medical intern who gave timely aid to a woman whose arm was severed at the MRT-3 declined Kabayan Rep. Ron Salo’s offer to rename his bill after her; saying she was just doing her duty.

“It’s a bit too much na din lately. ‘Yung akin kasi, ginawa ko lang talaga ‘yung trabaho ko,” GMA News quoted Charleanne Jandic as saying. “I don’t need to have a bill named after me, and then hindi kasi ako familiar dun sa bill na finile.”

[It’s a bit too much lately. For me, I was just really doing my job. I don’t need a bill named after me, and because I am not familiar with it.]

If passed into law, Salo’s bill would create a nationwide emergency medical services system (EMMS) which would be guaranteed yearly funding from Congress.

While declining the honor, Jandic said she supports the passage of the bill.

“I’m open for that bill because as much as I’d like to keep on saying, ‘why should we have a bill for something that should have been there in the first place’, it’s difficult given our geography, given the situation of our cities and our provinces.”

Jandic also pointed to other problems hounding the country’s medical services which should be addressed — such as the shortage of qualified personnel.

“Also maybe take into consideration that as much as the intention is really good, finding trained personnel, especially doctors, is a bit hard because there is a shortage of medical personnel in the Philippines,” she said. “It’s not just a one-handed problem, it has different components on it. Maybe if we start working on one of them and work towards fixing the other components, then maybe we can really realize the end of that vision to have appropriate medical services where that is needed.”