Life Hack: Clogged nose? Try plastic bottles to clear sinuses instantly

Image via Pixabay

Colder climate is expected during this time of the year. With this change in temperature, usually people experience colds and flu which often lead to stuffy noses or blocked sinuses.

Stuffy nose can be a great discomfort because of nose drips and difficulty in breathing. When you have a stuffy nose, the blood vessels in your sinuses are inflamed.

A Japanese guy with Twitter handle @dobu_p posted a tip that aims to help those who have “stuffy nose” problem. He said that if someone experiences stuffy nose, he must put an empty bottle in the armpit opposite to the clogged nostril and squeeze it.


He explained that this method allows the parasympathetic nervous system to clear the sinus. He also suggested that the best bottle size to use is 500 ml bottles because it gives the best relief.

This fascinating Japanese lifehack encouraged other netizens to share their remedies to a stuffy nose.

Some suggested that one should do sit-ups in order to get away with clogged nose. Others also suggested to hold water or tea in the mouth till it unblocks the clogged nostril.

Would you also try this fascinating “plastic bottle” Japanese life hack?