Liza Soberano ‘almost’ loses her cool in viral video

Image Capture of Video by Fashion Pulis via Facebook page and image by Liza Soberano via Instagram account

Fans always look forward to the “meet and greets” with their favorite stars. A lot fans pay or buy tickets just so they can see their favorite stars. But just like any other event, it can sometimes become stressful for both artist and fans if it is not organized properly.

In a video, Liza Soberano was almost at the edge of her cool in what seems to be a disorganized activity.

In the video uploaded by Fashion Pulis, Liza can be seen exiting a hall with her hands on her head over what seems to look like frustration. Several people were starting to shout in annoyance. The soft-spoken beauty who is obviously starting to feel upset asked them to stop shouting because it’s very stressful and explains that everyone is there to have a good time and they should just try to organize everyone.

She is seen sitting with her loveteam partner, Enrique Gil. The two are currently in the US for a series of shows with Bea Alonzo and comedians Negi and Kiray.

You can view the video from Fashion Pulis via their Facebook page.

Liza Soberano Gets Upset at Disorganized Activity

Liza Soberano Gets Upset at Disorganized Activity

Posted by on Wednesday, November 8, 2017