Mass graves containing hundreds of civilians executed by ISIS found in Iraq

Image capture of video by PressTV News
  • Mass graves containing the remains of civilians executed by ISIS were found in Iraq
  • At least 400 people were found in the graves
  • Many of the victims were clad with prison uniforms

Mass graves containing hundreds of civilians executed by ISIS was found in northern Iraq.

As per Al Jazeera, the sites were discovered on Saturday, November 11, near Rashad airbase near ISIS’s former stronghold, Hawijah. The airbase was used by the terror group as their training camp and logistic base.

“Not less than 400 people were executed,” Kirkuk governor Rakan Said said.

Hawijah was one of the last strongholds of ISIS in Iraq. It has been part of the ISIS Caliphate for three years before it was recaptured by Iraq forces last month.

The mass graves were discovered with the help of local residents who witnessed the horrors of life under the terrorist group.

One resident, a farmer, said ISIS fighters could be seen driving around in cars with their prisoners, often before executing them.

“They would shoot them and then throw them to the ground or burn their bodies,” the farmer said.