‘No real picture of Earth’: Kyrie Irving firm on “flat Earth” beliefs, urges public to do own research

Image from Kyrie Irving's Facebook account
  • NBA star standing firm on belief that Earth is flat
  • He said he arrived to the conclusion after research and finding ‘no real picture of Earth’
  • He also denied wanting to challenge science, encouraged people to do their own research

UNITED STATES—NBA star Kyrie Irving is earning notoriety off the court for his “flat Earth” beliefs, saying he arrived at the conclusion after research and finding out that there supposedly was no genuine picture of Earth.

“I won’t sit here and say that I know, but when I started actually doing research on my own and figuring out that there is no real picture of Earth, there’s not one picture of Earth–and we haven’t been back to the Moon since 1961 or 1969–and it becomes like conspiracy, too, like, ‘OK, let me question this,’” Bleacher Report quoted the Boston Celtics guard as telling University of Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma in an interview.

Other celebrity believers of the so-called ‘Flat Earth Theory’ are rapper B.O.B. and social media personality Tila Tequila.

According to Irving, his beliefs are not a declaration of war with science—but only as a message that people should do their research instead of just accepting the norms as laid out by the scientific community.

“The whole intent was for people to open up and do their own research,” he said. “It wasn’t to say, ‘OK, let me figure out and go against science. Let me go against what I’ve been told is right, and all this stuff.’ It was just literally with the intent of, ‘Just to wake up and do your own research for once, instead of just assuming everything that’s told to you.’”

“It wasn’t to have the intent of starting a rage and be seen as this insane individual. When I started seeing comments and things about universal truths that I had known, I had questions,” he added.