Passenger overheard talking about ‘happy bomb’ onboard Jet Airways, causes hijack scare in India

Image by Eswhar Naidu via Plane Spotters Kerala Facebook page

A man talking about a ‘happy bomb’ onboard a passenger plane in India has been a******d and detained for questioning on Monday, November 13.

Local media reports said a man caused a commotion onboard the Jet Airways Flight 9W 825 travelling from Cochin to Mumbia after he was overheard ‘discussing hi-jack plans”.

He was later a******d by airport security in Cochin where he was taken into custody. His companion friend was also offloaded and questioned.

All the other passengers were also ordered to vacate the aircraft for security reason.

The Hindustan Times identified the first passenger as Clince Varghese from Thrissur district who was allegedly overheard by fellow passengers saying he had a “happy bomb”. His friend was not named in the report.

But upon questioning by the police, Vargheses said he was merely “expressing happiness” to his friend in Mumbai on Facebook chat.

The hijack scare has caused a major delay in the flight which was eventually allowed to take off after two hours.

The incident was confirmed to Gulf News by a Jet Airways spokesperson; describing it as ‘security-related matter’.

“The airline has informed the relevant authority of the same for further necessary action and has offered full cooperation as required,” the airline said in a statement.

“At Jet Airways, safety and security of its guests, crew and assets is of paramount importance,” it added.