PH bet Rachel Peters and Miss Indonesia deny any conflict between them

Images by Rachel Peters and Bunga Jelitha Via Instagram account

Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters at Miss Universe Indonesia 2017 Bunga Jelitha cleared rumors that there’s a looming “war” between them.

The two vehemently denied the rumors and clarified that they are actually close friends and even roommates. Rachel shared with ABS-CBN’s MJ Felipe, “I think it’s great that they did put us as roommates because we, beauty queens, we are supposed to be role models, so hopefully, we can just show people that there is no war between Indonesia and the Philippines.”

“And we’re close, we’re really, really good friends.  We help each other, we share things,” she added.

Miss Indonesia Jelitha also agreed and said, “I know that so much people [think] that Indonesia and Philippines [are] like [in] something [like] war. But in here, me and Rachelle (are) roommates. Rachelle is so lovely, so helpful. I love Rachel. I want to prove me and Rachel here are best friends.”

The two lovely ladies have been pitted against each other after they were named as top contenders in the pageant. In the official scorecard of the Miss Universe website, Philippines ranked #5 while Indonesia ranked #4. In the leading pageant website Missosology, they were also neck to neck, Philippines ranked #6 and Indonesia ranked #5. 

They both appealed to their fans to stop the harsh words and the Twitter war between them.