Philippines, drug war ‘model’ of other countries – Roque

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Some countries have been thinking of imitating the Philippines strategy of its fight against illegal drug despite the criticisms of some groups in the Duterte administration, according to a Palace official.

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque Jr. said that the government’s war on drugs became “hugely successful” so some of our neighbors intend to send “observers” to the Philippines.

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“Let us not underestimate the success of the President in the war against drugs. As in fact, other countries now look to us as a model,” Roque said in a press conference held in Cebu City on Sunday evening.

“Just a few days ago, President Trump himself declared his own version against war, his own war against drugs. And other ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries are also sending their observers here to find out exactly what steps we are taking that have led to our success in this war against drugs,” he added.

In sharing the country’s best efforts, Roque said the President used “tremendous political will” to solve drug problems, and made it a national priority.

“This is the first time really that we have waged a campaign of this magnitude. And in fact, until the administration of President Duterte came along, we hardly felt that there was any importance ‘no or that they considered the drug problem as a priority.”

“It’s only under the administration of President Duterte that we have number one, given a priority to this problem; and number two, used the tremendous political will in countering these problems.”

The President has been aggressively campaigning against illegal drugs but human rights advocates have denounced here and abroad a supposedly growing number of summary killings and other human rights violations.