Pitch Perfect 3 and The Voice team up in ‘The Most Magical Mash Up Ever’

Image capture of video via The Voice YouTube

Barden Bellas are back for the big screen take of Pitch Perfect 3.

You probably witnessed NBC’s The Voice Top 12 contestants and the cast of Universal’s Pitch Perfect 3 as they kicked-off the first-ever full length music video in the history of The Voice on its November 21 episode.

Anna Kendrick gave a rousing performance of late George Michael’s “Freedom” and fan favorite “Cups.”

They pulled off a really impressive performance even though Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy, wasn’t present. But don’t worry, she is starring in Pitch Perfect 3.

The 3rd installment also includes Ruby Rose as Kendrick’s rival. Viewers can expect to see the original Pitch Perfect cast reunite for one last time for a USO tour abroad. Notes for the trailer say they will also make “some questionable decisions.” Further details have yet to be disclosed, but you know when DJ Khaled is present, anything is possible. He makes his cameo appearance in the film.

In a Twitter post, Kendrick agreed that a hypothetical Pitch Perfect 9 would be something like “the two surviving members sing ABBA at a Potbelly’s.” She responded to a fan, saying: “honestly, this is my best case scenario for real life.”

The single is available now, while the soundtrack will be available on December 15.

In case you missed it, here’s the full video:

Pitch Perfect 3 will hit US cinemas on December 22 while it will be showing in Philippine movie theaters on January 8, 2018.

The story now revolves around the life of the Bellas who have graduated from college and are faced with real-world challenges where they realize it takes more than a cappella to get by.