Queen WinWyn is back in Manila

Image via The Qrown Philippines' Facebook account

Our newest queen is back! The freshly-crowned Reina Hispanoameriana Maria Teresita “Winwyn” Marquez arrived last Monday, November 13, in Manila. She just flew in from New York City where she spent a short vacation.

Upon arrival at the airport, she entertained reporters and gave a quick press conference at NAIA Terminal 2.

She was given a winner’s welcome by her family, friends, fans, airport officers and some members of the press. Winwyn was wearing her crown as well as her bright smile when she faced the crowd at the airport.

TV reporter Nelson Canlas also captured a shot of Alma Moreno fixing Winwyn Marquez’s crown.

A short clip of Winwyn’s message at the airport was posted by “powerhouseph_” on Instagram. In her message, she thanked all the Filipinos who believed in her and who supported her during the competition.

The crowd responded by saying they love Winwyn and congratulated her for her success.

Winwyn just returned to PH weeks after winning Reina Hispano-Americana in Bolivia on November 4.

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Posted by The Qrown Philippines on Sunday, November 12, 2017

She has been hailed a record breaker since she was the only Asian to have joined the pageant; as well as the only one who couldn’t speak Spanish, and yet won the competition.