Roque: Putin wants stronger military, trade relations with PH

Image from Harry L. Roque's Twitter account
  • Presidential spokesperson said Putin told Duterte his desire for better Russia-PH relations
  • He said he wants a port for their ships, is open to selling arms and train PH soldiers
  • Roque also said Russian companies interested in PH energy, transport, and trade sectors

MANILA, Philippines  –  Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said Russia’s president has told President Rodrigo Duterte his desire to establish stronger ties between their respective countries during their bilateral meeting in Vietnam.

According to Roque, President Vladimir Putin wants to build a port which will cater to Russian ships in the Philippines, as well as sell modern boats to the country.

“There’s a proposal to build a maintenance center for Russian ships in the Philippines,” Rappler quoted him as saying. “They want to sell at least 10 high-speed boats and other types of boats.”

Aside from that, Putin is open to having Philippine soldiers train in Russia as well as appointing a special military envoy in Manila.

“He also invited the Philippine military to train in Russia and that the Russians will establish or appoint a military attaché in Manila,” Roque said.

The presidential spokesperson also said Putin revealed that there are several Russian companies that are interested in investing in the Philippines especially in its energy, transportation and trade sectors.

“President Putin also says that their company that is promoting nuclear energy would like to have business dealings with the Philippines. And they have other companies in transportation, including subway, that they want to invest in,” he said.

As for import and exports, the Putin wants the importation of Philippine fish, fruit and seafoods in exchange for Russian meats and grains, Roque added.

This is the third time Duterte and Putin have met. The two previously encountered each other on the sidelines during an international summit in Peru, and when Duterte visited Moscow.