Take a look at one of the most unusual and fashionable toilets made of Louis Vuitton Bags

Images via Pixabay / Illma Gore's Instagram account

Australian-American artist Illma Gore made a toilet out of authentic Louis Vuitton (LV) monogram bags.

In her Instagram post with more than 3K likes as of writing, the artist shared photos of the LV-covered toilet accentuated with golden-colored toilet center.

“I wondered what 15k of authentic @louisvuitton bags looked like as a fully functional toilet, so I made this,” her post read.

I wondered what 15k of authentic @louisvuitton bags looked like as a fully functional toilet, so I made this.

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This golden toilet covered in LV monogram bags is on sale for US$ 100,000 or over 5-M Philippine Peso. The toilet is made from 24 different expensive LV bags which cost around $22,000 or over 1 M Philippine Peso each.

The LV toilet went on display at the newly-opened showroom of online fashion retailer called Tradesy in Santa Monica, Los Angeles City, California on Nov. 8, Wednesday.

In an interview by StarTV.com, Illma described this toilet as a challenging artwork. She encountered challenges when she was designing and putting together the toilet, specifically the bag straps.

Watch Illma Gore’s full interview:

Illma, with more than 49K followers on Instagram, rose into popularity back in 2016 when she made a naked depiction of Pres. Donald Trump entitled “Make America Great Again”.

Now, she again showcased her unique creativity by creating this controversial LV- covered toilet.

Let’s see if the Louis Vitton fans out there would get crazy over this fully-functional toilet artwork.