Thai man d**s of hypothermia after sleeping with three fans blowing at him

Image from The Nation via The Straits Times

A 44-year-old man in Thailand tragically died due to hypothermia after going into bed with three electric fans blowing directly at him.

The victim identified by Asia Times as Sobthawee Boonkua, died early this month inside a relative’s house in Chaiyaphum’s Tambon Nai Muang district.

Police investigation revealed Boonkua went to sleep with three electric fans blowing at him; without realizing the temperature in Chaiyaphum drastically drops in the early morning.

Lieutenant Colonel Thanasit Apiboonworaset of Muang Chaiyaphum police said a relative discovered the victim’s body in the morning and immediately called the police.

A medical examiner went to inspect Boonkua’s body and found there were three fans directly blowing at him. Subsequent examination revealed the victim died of hypothermia because his body failed to adjust to the sudden change of temperature and went into shock.

Boonkua’s elder brother, Saravuth, said the deceased was sleeping in the relative’s house because he was taking care of their ailing 86-year-old mother.

He also told the police Boonkua’s d***h came as a shock since they knew him to be physically fit and was not suffering from any medical condition.