The househusband? Wife divorces husband of two weeks after he took over role as “woman of the house”

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A 28-year-old Egyptian bride is seeking divorce from her husband two weeks into their marriage; claiming she was not allowed to do her role as the ‘woman of the house’.

The wife, identified only as Samar M., reportedly said her life has become so boring after her husband of two weeks did not allow her to do household chores, because he is doing it himself.

“He cooks, cleans, sweeps and does the laundry,” Egyptian news website Masrawy quoted the woman as saying.

Samar filed the divorce complaint against her 31-year-old husband, Mohamad S., before the Family Court in New Cairo; saying: “My husband did not give me the freedom to handle my home affairs, I feel like a guest in a hotel”.

“He is the ‘woman of the house’ and I’m hating my life with him. We’ve been married for only two weeks, and he is either cooking or doing the laundry because he knows how to sort the washable clothes by color. He then irons the clothes, sweeps, and arranges the food in the fridge,” she added.

The husband owns a clothing store but has several employees; thus giving himself enough time to stay at home and do the chores.

The wife told the court she already confronted her husband about the rather odd setting at their home, but was told if she wants to stay in his home, she must abide by his rules.

What surprises her even more is that her in-laws told her their son never did those household chores when he was still living with them.

The woman added she finally grew bored of the man after watching him while he moves around the house all day and looking very satisfied.

“He would prepare a meal overnight if it needs so that he does not spend much time on it the next day,” she said.

The court is set to hear her case in the coming days.