The Real Slim Shady is back! Eminem releases first single featuring Beyoncé

Image via Official Charts Website

American rapper Eminem  returned with the release of his first single after four years  from his forthcoming ninth studio album, Revival; “Walk on Water” in which he rapped alongside pop star Beyoncé.

He did not reveal the release date of the new album.  But for the first time on stage, Eminem will perform “Walk on Water”  during the MTV European Music Awards in London, MTV announced Friday.

“People are always expecting something different from you,” says Em. “‘I want him to talk about this, I want him to talk about that. I want him to just spit. I don’t like when he just spits. He does too much rappity rappity. I don’t like when he self loathes, he does that too much. I don’t like when he puts all them syllables together but they don’t mean anything.’ There’s less places to go that you haven’t already been,” Eminem said during a recording session via XXLMag.

Below is the audio of the first single:


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