Train passenger k***s snake with bare hands in Indonesia

Image capture of video by JKT Info via Instagram
  • A train in Indonesia made an emergency stop after a snake was seen slithering inside one of its coaches
  • A male passenger pulled the snake by its tail and k****d it with his bare hands
  • The train operator apologized to the passengers who were disturbed by the incident

A man in Indonesia k****d a snake found slithering inside a commuter train in Indonesia using nothing but his hands.

Based on a smartphone footage posted by JKT Info on Instagram, the train made an emergency stop at a train station after a snake was seen inside a train coach. A security officer holding a baton tried to get the snake at the overhead baggage rack of the carriage, but failed.

A bespectacled male passenger took matters into his own hands and casually pulled the serpent by its tail. And with a single whipping motion, he smashed the snake’s head on the train’s floor

The snake was instantly k****d as shocked passengers and the baton-wielding security officer kept their distance.

The unidentified man tossed the one-meter long slain creature outside the train to waiting security personnel.

A spokesperson for the train’s operator apologized for the incident.

“We regret the incident and apologize to train travelers who were disturbed by it,” spokeswoman Eva Chairunnisa said.


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