Trudeau vows to resolve garbage issue: “Very much engaged in finding solution”

Image by Justin Trudeau via Instagram account

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answered the questions about the controversial garbage that were dumped by Canadian companies to the Philippines years ago.

Trudeau admitted there had been talks between him and President Duterte about the garbage issue prior to the ASEAN-Canada 40th Anniversary Commemorative Summit held in Manila. He told the press during his media briefing that they are “very much engaged in finding a solution on the matter.”

He was quoted by GMA as saying: “We had legal barriers and restriction that prevented us from being able to take it back. Those regulations and impediments have now been addressed so it is now theoretically possible to get it back but there are still a number of question around: who will pay for, where the financial responsibility is, where the consequence are.”

It was in 2013, when 50 containers containing wastes from Canadian companies were impounded by Philippine Customs Authority. Since then, it had been the center of protests among environmentalists including the Greenpeace.

The Philippine government had been seeking the Canadian government’s solution for years and had sent out at least two diplomatic letters.

The Canadian government, on the other hand, had been reluctant in addressing the issue; saying it was a private transaction and not a government one. Issues on who will pay and who should be held accountable were cited as ‘obstacles’ by the Canadian government.