[Video] Daniel and Kathryn’s sweet moment during fashion show draws a lot of attention

Images via @KrishnanGaniel's Twitter account

KathNiel Under The Stars?

There have been a lot of beautiful and unforgettable scenes during the Bench Under The Stars event — and one of which was the sweet moment of popular love team KathNiel on stage.

Some videos of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla while walking on the runway were posted in different social networking sites.

Before leaving the stage, Padilla gave Bernardo a quick kiss —  on the chin — which made the crowd cheer.

When the video was uploaded online, it got more views and a lot of kilig comments. As of posting, the video uploaded by YouTube account Chikkaness Ave has nearly 132K views.

“Grabe ‘yong kiss ‘yong nagdala!” wrote Jho27.

“RIP PLAY BUTTON! I really love this adorable couple!” commented LS.

“They are so cute! I was surprise when Daniel kissed Kath,” said AP.

Many also commented that the two did not even need to show so much skin for them to be able to rock the stage.

Here’s a video taken during the fashion show as shared by Chikkaness on YouTube:


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