Young CEO offers $10,000 to anyone who can set him up with a girl and date her for at least 4 months

Images from Joe Cohen's Facebook page

A young CEO from Southern California is offering anyone who can set him up with a woman; provided he ends up dating her for at least four months.

Joe Cohen, a 30-year-old executive, placed the advert on SelfHacked where he works as CEO. He explains in the advert why he decided to take the unconventional way to find a partner.

“I get a lot of traffic through this website. If I advertise here, I can have a broad reach. I figured if I offer a monetary reward for people to set me up, then that reach will exponentially expand the number of people who see this post,” he said.

Cohen described his life as an “interesting ride thus far”; having grown up with a lot of disadvantages but have overcome them.

 Now 30, with a stable business and successful enough to settle down and be comfortable, his next goal in life is to find a “long-term companion”.

Cohen admitted he just came out of a “long-term relationship with an absolutely wonderful woman” but the relationship didn’t work out. He has since turned to dating platforms and even paid 2 girls to do the online and dating app for him, but that too were unsuccessful.

“I approached women on the street. I tried out bars and venues, activities, meetups and other events. No luck,” he said.

Now, he’s hoping his strategy this time will work out in his favor.