13-year-old girl collects thousands of socks to warm the homeless population

Photograph from Pixabay
  • 13-year-old girl runs her own non-profit organization called Cold Feet, Warm Hearts
  • Olivia Vibbert collects socks to donate to the homeless population
  • Within a year, she has collected more than 7,000 pairs of socks

Christmas becomes merrier because of children like Olivia, who has a heart and vision to help people in need!

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. — Thirteen-year-old Olivia Vibbert have made the Christmas celebration of many homeless people happier; thanks to her initiative and her non-profit organization called Cold Feet, Warm Hearts.

According to CBS’ NewsPlex, Olivia has collected more than 7,000 pairs of socks within a year through her ‘sock campaign’ and is still aiming to reach her goal of 10,000 pairs which she’ll donate to warm the homeless population.

Her act of kindness serves as a way of giving back to the community accompanied by her desire to help people.

Krista Vibbert, Olivia’s mom, narrated that they have been once homeless for more than two months — having to walk around or sit on a bench and wait for night time to come so they could sleep.

The family’s burden increased after Krista’s 36-week infant daughter p*********y.

Adding to that, Olivia’s father who serves in the US Army was deployed to Kosovo.

Olivia, motivated by her experience, initiated the campaign last year.

Her story inspired a lot of people who took action through donating socks, making her an instant sock sensation, and in just two days she immediately had 1,500 pairs mailed to her home.

Olivia’s campaign succeeded; turning the sorting, tagging, and logging the socks to the beneficiaries into a family affair.

In addition to the happiness they feel when helping people, most socks contain thoughtful messages which help the family heal from the loss.