3 people causes flight delay in Singapore after fighting over phone

Image via Jetstar

A Jetstar plane that was supposed to depart at 11:20pm on Friday, December 22, and arrive at 5:20am the next day was delayed due to three passengers getting into a fight over a phone.

Jetstar Group spokesman Robin Goh explained that the dispute started when the crew made an announcement for passengers to switch off their phone.

A 55-year-old man who was believed to be Filipino-Australian told another passenger inside the plane, a 47-year-old Australian man, to turn off his phone.

The argument escalated quickly and even involved the 55-year-old man’s wife. They were warned that they would be kicked out of the plane if they didn’t resolve their differences. However, it got worse and verbal threats were thrown at each other, that they had to call the police.

The situation worsened after one of the passengers claimed to have heard one of the three people fighting say something about a bomb but it was then cleared that none of the other passengers heard such a thing and there was no bomb.

According to Straits Times, the police reported that they were called to action at Changi Airport at 11:26pm on Friday. All three involved were asked to alight the plane.

In light of the inconvenience, other passengers were given meal vouchers and the ones with young children with them were given lounge access. The plane was finally able to leave at 7:15am the next day.

Mr. Goh emphasized that they take safety and security seriously and they don’t tolerate threats or disruptive behavior by passengers on their flights.