After Ica, this special child’s Mom hopes reunion with son “Benok” also happens via social media’s help

Image captured from Sonia Cruzado's Facebook account.

After the missing teenager, Ica Policarpio, was found in Santa Rosa, Laguna, one heartwarming announcement caught the attention of many netizens.

Sonia Cruzado commented a rather heartbreaking message in one of the articles featuring a 17-year-old student named Ica went missing last December 21 and how it went on the news after becoming viral online.

In her  desperation she called for help; saying in her post:

Image capture via Sonia Cruzado’s Facebook comment.


It turned out that Sonia Cruzado had been looking for her son who was declared missing last December 4. According to her, Benok is a special child who’s 24 years old.

She disclosed that she has reported the case to the authorities but they haven’t gotten any clue on his whereabouts. Perhaps the power of social media could be a huge help?

She asked the public to call them at 294-7237 or 09473257169 if there is any lead to where his son is.

Images via Sonia Cruzado’s Facebook account.

A netizen named Manell queen (@metromanella) tried to contact Sonia Cruzado for more information. According to the mother, her son was last seen in Balintawak and Malinta but when they went there to look for him, he was nowhere to be found.

The mother also thanked her for posting her call in social media to get more reach.

Hopefully, similar to the merry christmas reunion of the Policarpio family, Benok will be able to return to his family this holiday season.