American Citizen prisoner escapes Bali prison using only a ladder and rope

Image via Jakarta's Post Twitter Account and The Daily Beast

A US citizen accused of drug trafficking escaped from Kerobokan prison on the Indonesian island of Bali on Monday with the help of a ladder and rope, according to local media.

Cristian Beasley, 32, a suspect in crimes related to narcotics but had not been sentenced, escaped at 4.10 a.m, said Badung Police chief Yudith Satria Hananta.

“It is thought that the prisoner escaped … by cutting through the steel bars above the ceiling,” he said in a statement; without adding details of how the escape went undetected.

Beasley, who’s from California, is believed to have used a rope to climb down a wall before getting over a perimeter wall in an area being refurbished.

An investigation into whether Beasley received assistance from prison guards is also underway.

Beasley was imprisoned on drug-related charges after he was caught carrying 5.7 grams of hashish in a post office. He appeared in court last week and was awaiting sentencing, with the next trial session scheduled for Tuesday.