BB Gandanghari congratulates Robin Padilla for the success of their movie “Unexpectedly Yours”

Image capture of video via YouTube Magandang Buhay

As Robin Padilla celebrates the success of his movie with Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, BB Gandanghari, his brother who’s now legally a woman, sent him a surprise congratulatory message for the success of their film. The movie “Unexpectedly Yours” earned 100M Pesos in just 6 days.

BB Gandanghari’s video message was aired in Magandang Buhay where her brother Robin guested. She enthusiastically congratulated Binoe for the success. BB also called her brother a 90s icon. She also recalled Robin’s past hits like “Maging Sino Ka Man” which made her feel nostalgic about those days.

BB congratulated both Sharon and Robin for their undeniable chemistry. She also agrees with the positive feedback from viewers that these celebrities (Sharon and Robin) are still big hits and icons of the 90s.

BB also jokingly asked Robin to also invite her in the US premiere night of the movie. Towards the end of her message, she again congratulated her “dear brother”; saying: “I love you” and “More to come”, referring to more movie success and opportunities.

BB also mentioned that she’s heading to an audition and she’s requesting for prayers.

According to Robin, BB Gandanghari and him have a very close relationship as siblings. Even if his brother Rustom have changed his sexual preference and is now based in the US, they remain close among all his siblings.

Robin admits that he also worries about his brother (now his sister) because BB works as an Uber Driver in the US. He constantly travels with strangers which is quite risky but Robin also said that BB is very much okay.