Bomb scare forces Turkish Airline flight to make emergency landing in Sudan

Image from Turkish Airline Facebook page

A Turkish Airline commercial plane was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its passengers onboard reported of a presence of a bomb in midair.

The airline’s Boeing 738 was reportedly carrying 107 passengers of different nationalities and travelling from Cairo, Egypt to Nairobi, Kenya on Thursday but was forced to land in Khartoum, Sudan around 7:30 am following the bomb scare.

“Turkish Airlines flight 606 made an emergency landing after a passenger on board said he received an email saying there’s a bomb on board,” said Sudanese civil aviation authority spokesman Abdul Hafiz Abdul Rahim.

The Sudanese official said all the passengers were evacuated and airport security immediately made a thorough search of the plane. However, no explosives or suspicious items were found.

“The plane is now in an isolated area of the airport. Security officials searched the plane and passengers’ luggage but didn’t find anything suspicious,” Rahim added.

Reports said the passenger who allegedly claimed to have received the email was a British national but Sudanese airport officials declined to reveal his identity.

Authorities are now investigating the man in the presence of representatives from the UK embassy in Khartoum.