De Lima defends Aquino in the anti-dengue vaccine controversy

Image from Sen. Leila De Lima’s Facebook page
  • De Lima defended ex-President Aquino in the P3.5-billion Dengvaxia controversy
  • The senator tagged Aguirre, Jimenez, Topacio as “irresponsible, alarmist, speculative and malicious”
  • De Lima called on DOH to lead the public in informing the real nature of the health risks supposedly caused by the vaccine distribution

Senator Leila De Lima defended former President Benigno Aquino III in the P3.5-billion Dengvaxia vaccine controversy, via a statement dated December 4 as per an article by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The lady senator said the presscon statements by DOJ Secretary Vitallano Aguirre II and VACC members Dante Jimenez and Ferdinand Topacio are “irresponsible, alarmist, speculative and malicious.”

Said De Lima, the three cited nothing but anecdotal data and malicious speculations on the effect of the vaccine; with the alarmist tact managing to sow panic among the public.

“What the three stooges intimated to the public is that if your child is sick today, it is because of the vaccine, and that is the fault of none other than former President Aquino who benefited therefrom by making your child sick.”

She criticized the absence of a public health expert or DOH official to corroborate the scientific reliability of the claim.

Furthermore, De Lima called on the DOH to lead the public in informing the real nature of the health risks to children that the distribution of the vaccine has supposedly caused and must not allow the issue to be used as political propaganda.

Dengvaxia maker Sanofi Pasteur admitted that the vaccine “could lead to more symptoms for people who have not been previously infected” but denied it caused the deaths claimed by VACC.

The Philippines, according to GMA News, was the first in Asia to approve the sale of the first dengue vaccine.

Janette Garin was the health secretary when the vaccine was distributed April last year.

DOH stopped its use after Sanofi released a study of the health hazards it may cause to people who have not been previously exposed to dengue.

More than 733,000 children were given the first three doses of the vaccine before it was stopped last week.

Here’s CNN’s video regarding Dengvaxia vaccine: