Derek Ramsay hopes ex-GF Angelica Panganiban finds the right guy

Image via Derek Ramsay/Angelica Panganiban's Instagram account

Celebrity ex-lovers Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban have slowly restored their friendship after a controversial breakup.

According to Derek, he has had a conversation with his ex-girlfriend since the breakup; and the most recent one was when the actor came back from almost a month vacation in Italy with non-showbiz girlfriend Joanne Villablanca.

“Nakausap ko si Angel just when I got back from Italy kasi kasama niya yung kaibigan ko sa Siargao. Pagtawag ko sa kaibigan ko siya yung sumagot. [I had the chance to talk to Angel just when I got back from Italy because she was in Siargao with my friend. When I called my friend, she was the one who answered the call.] So, ‘Uy, kumusta.’ Basta ganun. [So, hey! How are you?] I haven’t spoken to her in a long time,” Derek said, as disclosed in a news story by PUSH.

When asked how they eventually became friends again, the actor said: “Time din lang talaga… time.” [Only time, really…time] Derek added that the actress greeted him one time on his birthday, and out of the blue, he “gave her a call. And we… little bit of chitchat, reminisced…”

There was another instance where Angel needed help to decorate her then being constructed house, and Derek was to the rescue, willing to help her, and gave her his contacts.

After that, Derek said the two of them both got busy with work and had no more chance to talk until another time when he called up his friend who is in Siargao with Angelica.

Derek, who disclosed he has been living with his non-showbiz girlfriend, says he has finally found his source of happiness and joy with his present romance.

The actor recently revealed he is willing to give up his showbiz career to take his being a family man seriously, saying in previous interviews he could easily land a job since he has a college degree anyway.

The actor explained this decision would spring from too much time demanded by the entertainment business. Angelica on the other hand remains single after breakup with actor John Lloyd Cruz.

But Derek is confident she would soon enough find the right man for her—someone who’d treat her right. “Angel will be okey. Angel will find the right guy. Imposibleng [it’s impossible] she doesn’t.”

“She’s a wonderful lady, she’s a sweetheart, so she’ll find the right man and that’s what I hope for her–to find the right guy who’ll treat her right,” the actor said.

Derek is part of the “Metro Manila Film Fest” movie “All of You” which will hit cinemas on December 25; he co-stars with Jennylyn Mercado.

This is his second time to work with the GMA 7 actress since the “2014 Metro Manila Film Fest” movie “English Only, Please”.