DPWH promises to swiftly repair bridges caused by typhoon ‘Vinta’

Image via CDODev's Blog page

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) assured on Saturday that repair on damaged bridges in Mindanao left by Typhoon Vinta, will be done before January ends.

Vinta greatly damaged infrastructures including the Dalama, Daligdigan, and Pinuyak bridges in Lanao del Norte, Public Works Sec. Mark Villar said.

“I’ve inspected each of the affected bridge and we’re implementing a 24/7 construction schedule to ensure that the deadline set by the President is met.”

“Before January ends, all damaged bridges will be passable,” Villar added.

The Dalama Bridge which is a 27.6-meter bridge located in the town of Munai has an an actual damage cost to the structure of about P40 million, Villar said as per a story shared by Inquirer.

“We are also studying the possibility of replacing the damaged infrastructure with a permanent bridge with revetment and approaches at the upstream and downstream,” he further explained.

On the other hand, the Pinuyak Bridge in the town of Lala that connects Maranding and Pinuyak Alternate Road, and the Daligdigan Bridge located at the town of Salvador both measure 49 meters long.

Secretary Villar disclosed that the DPWH has alloted a week long (7 days) time table for the Dalama Bridge repair, and two weeks (15 days) for Daligdigan with a 24/7 construction schedule.

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Inquirer, CDODev