German bank worker spends half a year counting 2.5 metric tons of coins by hand

Image via Pixabay

A German bank worker was assigned a monumental task.

He was asked to count 2.5 metric tons (5,500) of coins which were left as an inheritance by a German truck driver to his family.

A family from Lower Saxony in Germany faced an unexpected challenge when they tried to hand over two metric tons in coins they had inherited from their deceased father to the bank. There were no machines that could count the coins, most of which had rusted and become stuck together, to figure out the exact amount of money.

Saxony who spent half of 2017 ‘hand-counting’ the coins finally finished the task this week.

The coins were in one- and two-cent denominations — the smallest units of the Deutschmark, which was the currency of the Federal Republic of Germany until the introduction of the euro in 2002.

“I had every piece in my hand,” he told NDR 1, a TV channel; commenting on the 8,000 euros in one- and two- penny denominations of Deutschmarks he had counted. “I like to do this kind of thing, so it wasn’t a problem.”

The coins totaled around €8,000 ($9,400), an unexpected inheritance for the family of the deceased man.

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DW, Sputnik News