Investigation on P6.4 B s***u shipment to end January 2018

Image from Du30 News Info

In May 2017, over 600 kgs of smuggled S***u was discovered to have been stuffed inside steely cylinders shipped to a warehouse owned by Richard Tan in Valenzuela City.

Following the discovery of one of the biggest S***u shipments in the country, both the Senate Blue Ribbon committee and the Department of Justice (DOJ) spearheaded investigations of the shipment. It is believed to be one of the largest hauls of illegal drugs in the country.

Last September 2017, the Department of Justice (DOJ) started the investigation on the 6.4 B s***u shipment case against three Filipino-Chinese businessmen and some Bureau of Customs (BOC) officials who are also believed to be involved in the operation.

DOJ has then cleared former BOC Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon and other former BOC officials in the criminal charges filed by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) over the P6.4-billion s***u shipment. The DOJ also stated that the evidence presented by the PDEA against Faeldon’s involvement is insufficient.

However, DOJ found probable cause to indict the following people involved in the said illegal shipment: Philippine Hongfei Logistics Group of Companies Inc. chairman Chen Ju Long alias Richard Tan or Richard Chen; Li Guang Feng alias Manny Li; businessman Dong Yi Shen Xi alias Kenneth Dong; BOC fixer Mark Ruben Taguba II;consignee of the drug shipment Eirene Mae Tatad the owner of EMT Trading; BOC broker Teejay Marcellana; Taiwanese nationals Chen Min and Jhu Ming; Jhun and Chen Rong Huan.

DOJ panelists recommended no bail in the drug importation case.

With this, DOJ has scheduled to end the preliminary investigation of the smuggling of S***u in January 2018.