“Ipon goals!” Woman completes the 52-week savings challenge and saves more than P100K

Images by Cha Lingat via Facebook page

At the start of this year, FHM Philippines presented their 52-week savings challenge. Following their 52-week money savings guide, you get to save enough of your hard-earned money. The guide has several templates you can choose from – from P1 to P100 increment.

Charmaine Lingat proudly shared on her Facebook that she was finally able to achieve and even exceed her expected savings. Lingat who is a designer and an aspiring architect showed the opening of her piggy bank and bamboo alkansya to inspire others to save as well.

She printed the 52-week savings challenge format and followed the P50 increment. What’s impressive is that she exceeded the target amount of P68,900 and saved a whooping P137,800.

Lingat admitted that the task was not easy and it’s necessary to have an extra income. She posted on the comment section, “Mahirap siya actually, kaya dapat may extra income ka rin. Di siya kaya ng sa sahod lang kukunin. Doble kayod kumbaga.”

[It’s actually difficult, you really need to have an extra income. Taking them from your salary won’t be enough. You need to double your effort.]

She shared her advice to those planning to start the 52-week savings challenge: “Ang technique po kapag malaki na (ang required amount), mag-advance hulog na po kayo kapag may extra money.”

[The technique is when the required amount becomes bigger, try to put in advance whenever you have extra money.]

But her most important advice is, “Discipline lang po talaga [You really need discipline].”

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