Kirst Viray opens up about the real score between him and Kiray Celis

Image via Kirst Viray's Instagram account

Model-actor Kirst Viray and comedian Kiray Celis became an item when netizens noticed how intimate the two were in public.

News that Kirst and Kiray were dating first came up early this year. Some fans even gave the two a couple or loveteam’s name “KiKi” and others addressed them as “KirKir”.

Many people were intrigued by the relationship of the two since Kirst Viray’s social media account shows a lot of photos of them together.


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The best part was when you ruined this supposed to be little cutie moment shot.

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In an interview with PEP, Kirst told the press that he and Kiray are just friends and are really very close to each other.

He mentioned that he isn’t sure if he would call their sweetness to each other as something romantic. As of the moment, they are not really a couple. He added he never showed Kiray he is romantically interested with her and so is Kiray to him.

Meanwhile, it was noticed that Kiray Celis have already removed their sweet photos together. However, Kirst, on the other hand, still has photos with her on his Instagram account.