Kris Aquino slams Bisaya basher: “Next time you bully my son, remember that you are creating enemy in me”

Image capture from Kris Aquino's IG post
  • Kris Aquino fought back against Instagram commenter allegedly insulting her son Bimby Yap
  • The queen warned, “Next time you try to bully my son, remember that you are creating an enemy in me”
  • Kris: “Bully my son – and watch your back”

The Queen of All Media fought back against an Instagram user purportedly insulting her son online; Fashion Pulis published on Christmas Day.

The netizen posted, “Omg! Bimbyyy. Hahahaha unsaon nalang kaha reaction mo sa imo papa James.” [Bimby, what’s your reaction towards your Papa James.]

Kris Aquino got irked over the comment to her son and she responded: “You seem to not realize Bincai is fluent in Bisaya- so if you intend to disrespect my son- how about trying a foreign language, not a dialogue easily understood by someone w/ me now?”

Kris said James Yap lost his privilege as Bimby’s biological brother when he declared to the world that he lost interest in exerting effort to be a father to Bimby when he was promoting a bar he was a co-investor in.

She warned the bashers that the next time they try to bully her son, they’re creating an enemy in her; adding that it’s child a***e since Bimby’s under 18.

“I have taken a screenshot of your negativity & we keep a file of these types of comments w/ my lawyer Atty Fortun. You must really have a boring life for you to need to get cheap thrills commenting at the expense of a 10-year-old.

“I have said this time & again – attack me you will just get sarcasm at the very most. But bully my son – and watch your back. DI AKO MABAIT. Just ask Bimb’s dad.”

On Fashion Pulis‘ comment section, netizens expressed their support towards Kris and Bimby.

“May ibig sabihin yun. Pag nanay ka alam mo pag ang anak mo iniinsulto. Nararamdaman mo yun.” [It means something. If you’re a mother, you know when your son is being insulted, you feel it.]