Kylie Padilla encourages breastfeeding but says “you should never be pressured to do anything”

Images by Kylie Nicole Padilla via Instagram account

Kylie Padilla shared her thoughts on the challenges and rewards of breastfeeding. On her Instagram stories, the young mom took to Instagram that she is “doing well” breastfeeding Baby Alas.

She posted, “For those mommies asking, I am still exclusively breastfeeding Alas. It has been challenging but his suck is good and my supply has not let us down.  So we are doing well.”

She also admitted the struggles of every breastfeeding-working mom, “I know the struggle it is to not be able to leave baby for longer than a day because of the obligation to keep baby alive and full.”

Kyle continued that she loves it, “Nonetheless, I enjoy breastfeeding a lot. I am not ready to give it up just yet.”

The Kapuso star reiterated that all moms have a choice on what’s best for their babies; “So I encourage all moms, you know what is best for your baby. You decide what is also best for both of you.  Whatever suits your lifestyle. You should never be pressured to do anything.”

In the end, Kylie revealed that she may be a celebrity but she’s just like any other mom, tired but devoted.

“My life has been all about cleaning bottles, cleaning poop, daily showers, worrying about rashes, panic in baby’s random cries, wondering if he is hitting his milestones, trying to squeeze in just  five minutes of sleep anywhere I can, staying up an extra hour after he sleeps just so I can do what I want so as to not forget about myself and what I like to do for myself. We aren’t crazy, we are just pretty darn good devoted tired ass mothers.”


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