LOOK: Lottie from ‘Princess Sarah’ has grown up to be a beautiful young lady

Image via Tatiana Noemi Oineza's Instagram account/ABS-CBN

Growing up before the eyes of so many people is one of the hardest things for celebrities who started really young in the industry. But if you’ve grown up to be such a beautiful lady before their eyes, then it would’ve been a delightful experience for you.

Do you still remember this cute little crybaby named Lottie in the TV series ‘Princess Sarah’? Well, she’s a crybaby no more, and look what those years have done to her.

Commerce to Science real quick (thank you ate Nicole for my dissecting kit hahaha)

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Her real name is Noemi Oineza.

Does her name ring a bell?

Of course, this 18-year-old actress is the sister of PBB ex-housemate Jane Oineza. Noemi did the character of Lottie Leigh in the TV series, together with fellow ‘Going Bulilit’ kid, who is now one of Myx VJs, Sharlene San Pedro, who played the role of Sarah.

After the series, the young actress also became part of another Kapamilya series ‘Betty La Fea’ in 2008 where she played the role of young Bea Alonzo (Betty). She also starred alongside Julia Barretto and Mika Dela Cruz in Mirabella in 2014. Another notable milestone in her career was when she became part of the Tweens of Pop (T.O.P.) with Mika Dela Cruz, Alexa Ilacad, and Angel Sy.

Together with other Going Bulilit kids, they had a mini reunion last November and she shared a photo of it on her Instagram. The girls have grown up to be such lovely young ladies and we can’t wait to see more of them in the future.