Magandang Buhay TV Hosts defend Aegis band from bashers

Image capture of video via YouTube ABS-CBN Entertainment

OPM hitmaker band Aegis is known for its heart-piercing songs like “Luha”, “Basang-Basa sa Ulan”, “Halik” and “Sinta”.

This pop rock band is composed of lead vocalists Mercy Sunot and Juliet Sunot, who are also sisters; guitarist Rey Abenoja, keyboardist Stella Pabico, bassist Rowena Pinpin, and drummer Vilma Goloviogo.

Despite their twenty-year stay in the Philippine Music Industry, Aegis expressed in their Magandang Buhay guesting that it wasn’t all high for the band because they definitely experienced some lows.

Aegis, in particular, expressed that it was very difficult for them to find producers who will finance their major events such as concerts.

The first and last major concert they held was already two years ago. Juliet, one of the band’s vocalists expressed in Magandang Buhay that they have always been labeled as “baduy” or uncool. However, she said that it is fine for her as long as they get to do what they love and earn money as well.

Karla Estrada, Magandang Buhay host, responded to Aegis’ sentiment about how people view or label their band. She said Aegis is not “Baduy”. In fact, most Filipinos can relate to the lyrics of their songs at one point in their life. Some of their songs can be someone else’s life song at the moment.

Karla, Jolina and Melai sang-along with Aegis in Magandang Buhay:

Jolina added that most singers and even those concert performers nowadays often have Aegis songs in their line up especially that Aegis songs are very catchy. Some of the notable Pinoy singers who have performed Aegis songs are Regine Velasquez, Ann Curtis and many other singer/performers.

Melai boosted the Visaya band to perform in Araneta next year. She encouraged Aegis to hold a concert in Araneta and to believe in their talents and capabilities.