Mariel de Leon defends herself from accusation she tweeted against Rachel Peters

Images by Mariel de Leon via Twitter account and Rachel Peters via Instagram account

Mariel de Leon is again in hot waters after netizens accused her of tweeting about Rachel Peters’ Miss Universe loss.

De Leon just had to defend herself.

Just an hour after the country got disappointed when Rachel Peters failed to reach top 5, De Leon took to Twitter and tweeted, “Strength. Confidence. Heart. Personality. Advocacies.”

Netizens called her out for being “shady” and accusing her of alluding to Peters’ lack of advocacy. Several enthusiasts were already noting that Peters’ lack of “story” and advocacy had played a huge factor in her loss.

De Leon earned the ire of netizens because it allegedly seemed like she wasn’t proud of her pageant sister. They said that instead of supporting Peters, she was even pulling her down.

A day after, De Leon defended herself in a series of tweets addressed to her bashers. She said that she is proud of Peters’ performance but is appalled at how others are more focused on b*****g other girls.

She tweeted a thread, “To those “pageant fans” that think I’m being “shady”.

“Of course I love & support Rachel. She’s my friend. But that doesn’t mean we’re supposed to put down other countries or talk about the other girls negatively.”

“Rachel has worked so hard to get to where she is now. She represented the Philippines so beautifully. I am so so proud of her as a friend.”

“Pageants are about bringing different people from different walks of life together and sharing stories. It may be a “competition”, but that doesn’t mean you should bash girls from other countries.”

“Take out bitterness from your hearts and instead support each other. And be proud of all the girls. You don’t know how hard it is for them.”

“Hurt people, hurt people. But… EMPOWERED PEOPLE, EMPOWER PEOPLE. May God bless you all.”

De Leon also retweeted about the need to “stop collecting crown, start collecting stories that will create meaningful impacts in the universe.”

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