MMDA eyeing to extend dry run of HOV lane scheme on EDSA

Image capture of video by ABS-CBN
  • The MMDA is eyeing to extend the dry run of the HOV lane scheme
  • Under the scheme, only those vehicles with at least two passengers, including the driver, are allowed to use the lane
  • MMDA’s Bong Nebrija said the dry run extension will also serve to increase public awareness on the new traffic scheme

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is considering extending by another week the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane scheme on EDSA.

The dry run is supposed to end on December 15, but MMDA supervising officer for operation Edison Nebrija said they might extend the test run to increase public awareness on the new scheme designed to encourage ride-sharing or carpooling on the major thoroughfare.

The first day of the HOV lane dry run was derailed by the heavily tinted vehicles that entered the HOV lane. The MMDA’s thousands of closed-circuit television cameras under its no contact apprehension policy could not penetrate the dark tint in order to see the number of passengers inside the vehicle.

“Our CCTV cameras are having difficulty capturing images of heavily tinted vehicles that are not complying with the HOV. We still need to continue our assessment. So the dry run might be extended until next week,” PTV News quoted Nebrija as saying.

Only those vehicles with at least two occupants, including the driver, are allowed inside the HOV lane.