MMDA to reduce speed limit to 50 kph in 4 major roads in Metro Manila

Image via Pixabay

Let this be an advance public reminder to motorists as the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced on Thursday, December 7, that four other major roads in Metro Manila would soon implement a reduced speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour (kph) from 60 kph.

The announcement followed the previous one made by the MMDA declaring a similar plan to reduce the speed limit on Edsa also to 50 kph from 60 kph as a form of intervention to lower the recorded cases of vehicular accidents.

Motorists should note that the 50 kph-speed would soon be implemented on Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon Avenue, C.P. Garcia Avenue (C5) and Roxas Boulevard. This was according to MMDA Asst. Gen. Manager Jojo Garcia, as stated during a press conference.

Motorists should also be reminded that no type of vehicles are exempted from the implementation of the traffic policy.

But the MMDA said there could be an exemption in the implementation of the 50 kph speed limit on the major thoroughfares during “d**d hours”, which the agency has yet to specifically define as of this posting.