Mom of Hashtag Franco finally comments on son’s d***h; reacts to Janica Nam’s claim

Image via Janica Nam's Twitter account

Recently, Hashtag Franco’s girlfriend, Janica Nam Floresca, revealed her story regarding their vacation in Davao that led to the tragic d***h of her boyfriend.

She emphasized in her tweet that she is going to reveal the true story regarding the drowning incident that led to the d***h of her boyfriend.

Following the recent interview and revelation of Franco’s girlfriend, the mother of Franco Marissa Hernandez Lumanlan also released a statement through social media regarding her son’s d***h.

She posted a comment on Twitter in relation to Janica Nam’s revelation regarding her son’s d***h.

It seems like Janica Nam, with the support of Franco’s mom, will push forward in revealing further information regarding Hashtag Franco’s tragic d***h. She already contradicted the statement earlier released by the boatmen and other Hashtag Tom Doromal. Janica Nam claims that there were no life vests available in the boat and that Franco was not really rushed into the hospital.

Looks like we are going to hear more statement from Ms. Nam and Franco’s mom in the days to come.