Ohio man tried to rob a store with fake gun made from furniture parts

Image capture of video via Zevo News' YouTube Account

Armed with a fake rifle made of two table legs, a spring and a metal tube, American Jeffrey Derringer, 48, tried to rob a convenience store in Akron, Ohio on Tuesday.

His nefarious plan, however, did not go as planned, when an alert shop employee saw through the deception.

Officials say Jeffrey Derringer entered the Circle K on North Main St. (where he was a known customer) around 2 p.m. wearing a hooded sweatshirt and waving an apparent rifle. He ordered everyone down on the floor and to empty the cash register, but one employee ran to the back of the store and called the police.

At that moment, another staff member realized that Derring’s weapon was far from real. Together with three customers, he confronted Derringer, who then decided to run away. All four chased him and eventually apprehended him until police arrived.

The police confirmed that Derring’s ‘firearm’ was indeed a collection of separate parts, including the legs of a wooden table. Derringer is currently in the Summit County Jail and faces charges of aggravated robbery.

Source :

WKYC, Cleveland, Ohio