Pinoy a******d for planning to carry out mass shooting at Islamic Center in Florida

Image from Nandie Bolatete's Facebook account
  • A Filipino was a******d for planning to carry out a mass shooting at an Islamic Center in Florida
  • After receiving a tip about the suspect’s plan, an undercover agent befriended the man
  • The Filipino was nabbed during a raid in his house after buying a gun silencer from the undercover agent

A Filipino man living in the United States was a******d by authorities for his alleged plan to carry out a mass shooting at a Islamic Center in Florida.

As per Washington Examiner, the man was identified as 69-year-old Bernardino Gawala Bolatete. He was nabbed during a raid at his home right after he purchased a gun silencer from a police officer who had gone undercover.

In a press conference on Monday, December 4, the police said they received a tip last October that Bolatete expressed a strong anti-Islam sentiment and planned a mass shooting at the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said an undercover agent began befriending Bolatete weeks before the planned mass shooting. The undercover cop met with Bolatete on several occasions in a firing range.

Sheriff Williams said they have recordings of the conversations between the undercover agent and Bolatete confirming the suspect’s hatred towards Muslims.

“I just want to give these freaking people a taste of their own medicine, you know,” said Bolatete as quoted by the undercover agent.

Bolatete was charged Friday, December 1, on suspicion of illegally possessing a firearm silencer, a federal offense.