She Dragon in danger: Cesar Montano to sue Marlene Aguilar over FB tirades

Images from Cesar Montano and Marlene Aguilar's Facebook account
  • Actor and DOT Promotions Board COO mulling suit against Aguilar for continued tirades in FB
  • He said he won’t tolerate below-the-belt attacks from Aguilar anymore
  • He also said his camp believes they have a strong case against her

MANILA, Philippines – Outlandish personality Marlene Aguilar may be in hot water after actor and Department of Tourism Promotions Board (DOTPB) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Cesar Montano said he’s mulling a lawsuit against her.

Montano, who has been relentlessly accused by Aguilar of corruption and misconduct in her Facebook account, said he could no longer tolerate the latter’s attacks against him.

“The people close to me are already crying foul against all the vicious attacks on my person and character. You know me, I’m not a person who engages anyone on things like this, lalo na hindi naman totoo [more so because they are not true]. I didn’t want to be filing a case against anyone. It’s not my style. But this time, I think it is just right because there are people who mistake our silence for toleration of their wrongful behavior against me. I have done nothing wrong. I have nothing to hide,” Manila Bulletin quoted him as saying.

Aguilar originally blasted Montano for supposedly delaying the DOT’s payment of P32 million to a company which supplied the sound system for the recently-concluded ASEAN summit because he did not receive any kickbacks.

In her later posts, Aguilar brought up Montano’s alleged misbehavior with his ex-wife and children as well as his supposed hiring of relatives and friends as his personal staff within the DOT.

According to Montano, however, Aguilar could just be sour-graping at the DOTPB’s decision to slash its sponsorship budget for her so-called cultural project.

The actor added his camp is confident of the strength of their case against Aguilar.

“My lawyers are quite confident we have a good case,” he said.

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