Surgeon pleads guilty for engraving his initials on the liver of his two patients

Image capture of video by News Today via YouTube Account

A British surgeon has acknowledged before a court that he has engraved his laser initials on the liver of two patients he operated for a transplant in 2013.

Simon Bramhall, 53, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and battery charges for writing his initials “SB” on the liver of two patients under anesthesia, without their consent, during operation at Queen Elizabeth Hospital of Birmingham, in 2013.

To do so, he used an argon gas laser; an  instrument used in surgery especially to prevent bleeding. The initials were discovered during a follow-up operation of one of the victims, according to British media.

Prosecutor Tony Badenoch said it had been a “highly unusual and complex case, both within the expert medical testimony served by both sides and in law.”

“The pleas of guilty now entered represent an acceptance that that which he did was not just ethically wrong but criminally wrong,” Badenoch told the court.

Bramhall is free on bail. He is due to be sentenced on January 12 at the Birmingham Crown Court in central England.


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