[Video] “The Grand Canyon of the Philippines” in Bukidnon gets featured by Canadian vlogger “Kulas” Jennermann

The "Grand Canyon of the Philippines" with Kyle Jennermann and his friends and a native Bukidnon "cowboy" (images by Becoming Filipino's Facebook page) in contrast with United States' Grand Canyon (R) image by Pinterest

Becoming Filipino Facebook page by Canadian vlogger Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann have just featured perhaps one of the best views in the Philippines that is only known by a few.

He really is “becoming more Filipino” than some real ones as he shows his love for the country’s culture, people, and places — as I, myself, a pure-blooded Filipino writer never knew that we have our very own “Grand Canyon” in the country.

According to the video posted on Facebook by Becoming Filipino, the Philippines’ Grand Canyon can be found in the province of Bukidnon.

Followers of the Facebook page commented that it could be somewhere in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon… and some say the spot is where Tagoloan and Mangima Rivers meet. Most commenters like us don’t have any idea that such a place exists, and perhaps some would definitely love to put it on their bucket list and experience it for themselves.

Image by Becoming Filipino’s Facebook post

A lot of Filipino netizens thanked Kulas; one even wrote: “Good job Kulas! Your adventures has become discoveries. You have discovered beautiful parts of the Philippines and done it better by sharing it. God bless your travels!” 

Another said: “Thanks #becomingfilipino for the share. You should be a tourism ambassador of this country. I am learning a lot from you about the beauty of the Philippines. God bless !” 

Who wouldn’t be amazed and proud of such a wonder of nature? It may not be as majestic and “grand” as Arizona’s Grand Canyon, but it has its own appeal of the color green, plus, it’s more affordable and easier to reach.

And oh, like the Hollywood grand Canyon scenes featuring cowboys, the Bukidnon version also has horse-riding, cowboy hat-wearing villagers.

Watch the video shared by Becoming Filipino via Facebook: